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mine fashion Personal star trek Hall of Fame spock leonard nimoy star trek tos fashion industry vulcan robes vulcan tag
MY EDIT star trek ??? star trek tos trekedit st50y vintage style? retro style?
a lot plushie giant look at them!!! phaser guys... guys I really really really want these but I feel like they won't fit in my tiny apartment in the sense that I already have a high concentration of Star Trek goods in my single room apartment but I kinda wanna buy them anyway???? because well I mean
My art star trek star trek tos trekedit i spy an original post
star trek tos USS Enterprise Constitution Class
drawing art animation tutorials storytelling art reference cartooning how to draw animation reference character design reference anatomy for artists Gian Carlo Volpe tools for animators
gif MY EDIT star trek spock captain kirk star trek tos McCoy my favorite scene trekedit
star trek spock TOS Kirk big post caps folder Vulcan sass
oh god the time-space continuum WRECKERS this movie is full to the rim of bootstrap paradoxes and it's beautiful show; star trek tos movie; star trek the voyage home scotty's face on the last pic LMAO
favorites star trek TOS tng DS9 star trek voyager star trek AOS
* about me star trek spock star trek tos trekedit deadhpool rbertdowneyjr
kuroshitsuji Vincent Valentine sebastian michaelis claude faustus alois trancy Sephiroth Zack Fair grell sutcliff
space husbands spirk oms tos spirk TOS spock/kirk
bones star trek spock leonard mccoy Kirk star trek tos space husbands bones mccoy James T. Kirk McCoy James Tiberius Kirk mcspirk triumvirate this is gay this was such a weird need to draw it ended up ok but not as i planned idk it's not finished thoooo the real golden triooo yo the husbandry is strong
gif MY EDIT bts star trek spock leonard nimoy deforest kelley captain kirk william shatner star trek tos McCoy Nichelle Nichols Uhura 49th anniversary trekedit
spock: *says literally anything*bones:
i think people forget that leonard mccoy is a genius too??like yeah they’re always talking about the genius and incredible intelligence of kirk and spock but bones is up there with them first of all he’s the cmo of starfleet’s flagship like he has more authority than the fucking captain so you know ...
my stuff photoshop star trek TOS st hiccup ruffnut tuffnut ruffnut and tuffnut dragon nip race to the edge rtte rtte spoilers go ahead and join in on the fun if you want...... this is how I spend my freetime people don't question my insanity enough
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