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art tales of symphonia TOS colette zelos sheena llyod
cosplay for sale cosplay help thatjayjustice cosplay consulting
star trek spock TOS space husbands james kirk spirk
mine TOS
  • me on a date:what do u think of jim kirk?
  • them:oh that womanizing male stereotype who has no real character?
  • spock:-appears out of nowhere and nervepinches date-
  • spock:-sits down-
  • spock:would you like a breadstick?
mine star trek spock TOS Jim Kirk space husbands trekedit i got quite a lot gifs out of i mudd today wow me
mine bones GOD I MISS THIS SHOW leonard mccoy TOS star trek tos trekedit tosedit*
mccoy is nothing but a grumpy old man-he’s so angry all the time-g-grumpy-old man-i-oh god-i’m sorry-[starts crying]
sometimes i forget that bones is a tv show so when people say ‘i’m watching bones’ it takes me a minute to realize that they are not in fact staring at a picture of deforest kelley portraying the famous character leonard mccoy in star trek the original series
I literally just saw someone say they hate TOS Jim because he’s awomanizinginsensitiveoverly masculinestereotypical characterwith no emotional depthor particular intelligenceor vulnerabilityDon’t like TOS? Fine. Didn’t watch TOS? Fine. Prefer another characterization? Fine. Then stay in your lane.
gif MY EDIT star trek star trek tos trekedit simple motion
gif MY EDIT star trek star trek tos enterprise USS Enterprise trekedit
gif MY EDIT star trek captain kirk star trek tos McCoy trekedit
true love star trek spock Captions scotty Kirk star trek tos unclassified also i have an instagram now its just my personal blog name follow me for filter abuse and googly eyes or true bro maybe
bby mgif star trek Character star trek tos Uhura Nyota Uhura i was making this when nichelle had her stroke i hope she is ok i just watched an interview with her and she has such a beautiful voice what an amazing woman
My art bones star trek spock leonard mccoy Jim Kirk star trek: tos lmao i hate backgrounds
cats spock leonard nimoy captain kirk william shatner Jim Kirk star trek tos space husbands spirk star trek the original series mr spock t'hy'la jealous jim assignment earth I need spirk in my life tos spirk spock with cats ashaya
mine TOS
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