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There really should be a concert where everyone shuts the fuck up and only cheers between songs, so I can have a live version of every song without bitches screaming like they’re being killed.
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  • Interviewer:So you're the one that everyone says looks like Harry, right?
  • George:It's just the hair.
  • Interviewer:Are you gonna have a beard like Taylor Swift as well?
  • George:*giggles* Does she have a beard?
  • Jaymi:No, he doesn't get it. He's too young.
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how is it almost august im like 100% sure it was new years yesterday
i love how liam was innocent for 2 years but then he got a haircut and a 10 inch penis and suddenly everyone wants a ride on the payne train
do your homework clean your room go to school walk the dog make some food clean the dishes
whilst i was editing harry look what I noticed: omfg i laughed so hard bc look at louis loooooooool zouis <3
two goals this year lose weight make out w/ someone
so i was admiring this photo but then i noticed this
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how is miley engaged wasn’t it just yesterday when she just threw a pie in her face to hide that she was hannah montana
we could be married and i still wouldnt text u first
sometimes i read messages and i’ll be like ‘oh i’ll reply later’ and i actually end up not replying so sorry if you think i’m ignoring it’s just laziness at it’s finest
my mom buys tons of food but none of it is microwaveable like who does she think i am fucking Martha stewart
I’ve got 99 problems and Harry Styles could solve at least 95
oh my god louis is wearing vertical stripes
it’s raining but it’s not men so what’s the point
what do you call someone without a body or a nose?