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concept: a TV show with a dark, tragic, fucked-up beginning that steadily gets happier and lighter and more hopeful as the seasons go on, the narrative arc premised on healing and growth instead of a “gritty” downspiral, the challenges faced in each season finale leaving the characters in a progress...
NYC lgbtq transgender trans rights bathroom rights trans bathroom rights BeYouNYC
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  • a grown ass man who is obviously at least 25 years old:i just turned sixteen i can't wait to get a car :)
  • a grown ass woman with fully formed breasts, perfect skin, and chiseled features:lucky you, chad, i still have to wait TWO MORE YEARS :( being fourteen sucks
LOL funny popular cute adorable film life design TV featured paper culture paper art wordsnquotes Rich McCor
issues i have with the children’s tv show franklin
all of franklin’s friends have names like “bear” and “owl” but franklin’s name is franklin.all of franklin’s friends parents have names like “mr. otter” and “mrs. otter.” does that mean that otter’s name is otter otter?bear has a sister named beatrice bear which means that bears name is definitely b...
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