• The Avengers Captain America Steve Rogers avengers Agent Coulson gifs by copsandautobots avengers gag reel •
1k * Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel bucky barnes Civil War stucky minemarvel falconbigbutt marvel crack CAP 3 SPOILERS civilwaredit civil war spoilers cacwedit obiwanskenobiss useridontwikeit ltfrankcastle pandeadpool
Marvel person #1: We need to get people interested. Any idea...
My art Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel saynotohydracap it's mcu steve but the same applies steve rogers stands for the little guy
batman dc Superman wonder woman Captain America Deadpool Steve Rogers Marvel spider-man Daredevil bucky barnes Civil War rebirth mcu Hail Hydra Batman v superman dceu
Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers Marvel cheers saynotohydracap chris is a god nick is a devil fix it now mate
stephen colbert Captain America Steve Rogers the late show with stephen colbert givecaptainamericaaboyfriend
1. Well done for shitting all over anybody that has ever believed in Captain America.2. Because Steve Rogers is a symbol of hope, freedom, justice, equality, and kindness.3. Captain America was literally created by two Jewish men as a symbol of hope against Hitler, and now you’re telling me he’s a n...
Spiderman robert downey jr iron man Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers stan lee Marvel Jeremy Renner Sebastian Stan black panther Civil War Jack Kirby hydra tom holland Chadwick Boseman joe simon saynotohydracap
twitter Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel bucky barnes Nazi winter soldier hydra saynotohydracap
  • Fans:We want bisexual Steve Rogers
  • Marvel:But nazi Captain America is what you're getting
gif * The Avengers Steve Rogers loki marveledit Marvelheroes by mari steverogersedit fyeahmarvel
If you need further proof that this decision by Marvel is the actual worst thing ever, please consider that Captain America has officially lost the moral high ground to the Joker. That’s right. THE JOKER NOW HAS HIGHER MORAL STANDARDS THAN STEVE ROGERS, AND THAT’S JUST NOT RIGHT PEOPLE
tony stark Steve Rogers captain america civil war
i was watching aou and i thought that the powerpuff girls th...
Chris Evans Steve Rogers bucky barnes Sebastian Stan Civil War stevebucky stucky steve x bucky captain america civil war CAP 3 SPOILERS civil war spoilers
* gifs tony stark The Avengers by Mara avengersedit Avengers* marveledit
Captain America Steve Rogers bucky barnes stucky
gif * Steve Rogers bucky barnes marveledit sebstanedit by diana catws evansedit
Captain America Deadpool Steve Rogers Wade Wilson peter parker Marvel Clint Barton Hawkeye Natasha Romanoff black widow spider-man Daredevil Matt Murdock bucky barnes scarlet witch Wanda Maximoff The Winter Soldier stevebucky stucky jessica jones cargsdoodles dirty hipster au cargsmag i want to make more fake magazine pages tbh
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