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  • one half of my otp:spits in the other half's face, calls her a bitch, says she'll kill her.
The 100 Recap: 3x03
Actual live footage of The 100 Fandom
The 100 fandom right now
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  • Sext:I swear fealty to you.
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  • The 100:*releases a 22 second promo*
  • The 100 Fans:*arising from caskets, shaking cobwebs off of tv screens, relighting the candle shrine to clarke griffin, unrolling bellamy blake poster, re-applying heda face makeup* OUR TIME HAS COME
Marcus is going to end up with a lame touristy shirt like ‘I ♡ Polis’
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  • lexa:deliver me the one you call finn - our truce begins with his death
  • the 100 fandom:here you go do you want that wrapped? for here or to go?
  • Abby:you should have this honor
  • Kane:literally gets branded with hot iron
  • Abby:lol
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  • aries:killing off wells and giving his peacekeeper storyline to a white boy
  • taurus:killing off anya and replacing her with a white girl in brownface wearing a bindi
  • gemini:bellamy and jaha having to work for their redemption while murphy can just be sassy even though he disabled a latina and peed on a black boy
  • cancer:jasper getting the mount weather storyline over monty and miller, even though he has no skills what so ever and was supposed to die in the first episode but didn't because the writer like the actor who played him
  • leo:displaying the grounders as savages for the white girls to save/rule over because white feminism
  • virgo:sidelining the poc main/regular characters for white girl in brownface and bindi
  • libra:torturing mostly poc in disturbing ways
  • scorpio:having a white girl hit a black man and teach him about his own culture
  • ...
An open letter to Jason Rothenberg and the writers of The 100:
Let me start off by saying that I understand sometimes fan favourites must die.  There are times when it is simply the best option for the characters and the show as a whole to have one of them killed.  Sometimes, it really is what works best.  I would also like to say that I am not just angry that ...
I feel like the entire season 3 of the 100 is gonna be like:
  • aries:the 100 not coming back until 2016
  • taurus:the 100 not coming back until 2016
  • gemini:the 100 not coming back until 2016
  • cancer:the 100 not coming back until 2016
  • leo:the 100 not coming back until 2016
  • virgo:the 100 not coming back until 2016
  • libra:the 100 not coming back until 2016
  • scorpio:the 100 not coming back until 2016
  • ...
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