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Some things that don’t seem related, but may actually be:
1. Pearl can store things in her gem.  What’s interesting to me is that no other gem has demonstrated this ability; Peridot even implies that pearls are the only ones who can, as they are are there to “stand around, look pretty, and hold your things for you.”  So clearly, it’s a rare or specialized ...
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It was fun to make anyway I hope you like cts carmilla i dont know if thais has been done before or ive never been on a tumblr secret sant before storm-diamond-the-dragon-queen aaaand it's already christmas here i will work on nicer things next idk
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'Merlin' really was a show about Merlin and Arthur finding their other half and clicking with it with a force powerful enough to shake the earth. Nothing could come between them - not endless list of enemies, lies, magic, sorrow, dragons or bitterness. Because in the end, Arthur loved Merlin more th...