• The First Avenger •
neil patrick harris news A Series of Unfortunate Events asoue count olaf
My art comic hq that's rough buddy tsukishima kei haikyuu avatar au Haikyuu!! Kuroo Tetsurou my first girlfriend turned into the moon bokuto koutarou KuroTsuki akaashi keiji bokkuaka i cant believe how much effort i put into this holy shit ahaha
my gifs star wars gwendoline christie sw edit swedit tfaedit swcastedit captain phasma the first order star wars bts i blame it all on GoT
Jay Z First Time Hearing Beyonce AlbumWatch The Full Video: ...
My art ;; gravity falls dipper pines bill cipher bipper trash child oh bipper at first I drew this because at BFR Alex said that bill and dipper were intended to become friends i didn't notice the later comment that bill would betray dipper anyway what if they really did become friends?
vinyl prince 1984 Records Now Spinning let's go crazy
news breaking news harriet tubman black tumblr black lives matter
photography ahahaha Kimiko Nishimoto I aspire to be like this woman
star wars Millicent jaegervega First Order
weed marijuana cannabis pot 420 stoner florida news Activism weeducation decriminalization
LOL art justin bieber mine i deleted the first one by accident wtf
:') cherik my shtuff my comics heheh yes yes I know stupid charl erik was right next to you i love the smol dorky charl a;slkdfjal;sdjkf FIRST COMIC ON THIS BLOG DRAWN BY A UNIV GRAD also i know the original joke is slightly diluted in my comic the person talking about the post is the '1 in 4' gay person but i wanted to draw the follow up smol cherik
star wars my stuff sw edit swedit FYSW The Force Awakens sw villains
an anecdote i think ive neglected to share with you up until this point is about this one time when h.p. lovecraft was part of a round robin exercise with a bunch of other well-regarded pulp weird fiction writersthe resulting story, “the challenge from beyond” is, frankly, not….good. like, at...
naruto uchiha itachi uchiha sasuke hoshigaki kisame s: graceful degradation entireuchihaclan sasuke probably now knows more about dango than he ever needed to know itachi does a lot more inane shit than he thought one of his sandal zippers always gets stuck kisame kicked him in the face the first time itachi painted his toenails he always smears the polish on his pinky he has a favorite crow who always brings him shiny things (he doesn't need sound to know it's named shisui) itachi takes five to seven pills every day he gave up being considerate near the end and just used the sheets to wipe the blood sometimes he'd stop and just look at the stars and he'd raise his hand and poke the sky and the memory would blur with tears gomen barashark i forgot ur tag
1k mine omg 5k 2k 10k 500 100 chris evans* marveledit iamnevertheone cast* parallels* Arthurpendragonns evansedit ageofultron* the second row is so lq i'M SORRY also lol i never know whether i should make the text smaller when i caption random shit whoa this post is circulating quickly OMG first post of mine ever to hit 5k nothing like evans + dirty jokes lmao
1k Marvel @ gotg groot marveledit mcuedit mcumeme gotgedit marvelgifs dailymarvel grootedit this is the first one i made for this meme september 7th aww
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