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What's that you said about the supernatural fandom having a gif for everything?
In which the supernatural fandom has a gif for everything (part 2)
(part 1)
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i don’t understand how some of the stuff on the internet makes it to the internet
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gif mine anime *__* Fairy Tail anime gif !ft Mirajane another beautiful takeover!!!
sweatpants because the internet
“hey pete what should our next album cover be??” “idk just google it”
being contacted by old friends who you thought forgot about you
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song lyrics Band pete wentz fob fall out boy
LOL funny pics internet wanna-joke
whenever a site tells me i need to be 18 or older to enter i always go all like “lol yeah sure i’m 18 right yeah” and it takes me a second before i realize oh wait i actually am over 18
“It has been a year since the internet’s demise… Minty has decided to sleep forever.”
On Tuesday, the Internet will fight back against the NSA. Here’s what you need to know. While the National Security Agency claims it doesn’t spy on Americans unless the...
jenna marbles creeps on the internet
“You spend too much time on the internet”
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