• The Pet Girl of Sakurasou •
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Avatar atla zuko not my gif pet avatar the last airbender appa lok Avatar Legend of Korra Bolin naga compains getting licked but i did notice this parall
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* type: gif zelo bts: first mini album cover show: killing camp with: yongguk i'm laughing at how hard yongguk is laughing omg also crying at the fact that he bought a pet that he was scared of
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Awesome Jersey Shore vinny pauly d we'll do it boo boo boo boo pet names pet name for the win
“get over it” is literally the shittiest piece of advice that you can give to someone because it’s not like upon hearing that, that person is going to miraculously lift themself out of their emotional funk and never mention it again
Humans don’t know what it means to be a monster. To them, a monster is anything that they don’t understand. They give it this ho...
lmao snsd SNSDgif can they just host a talk show just the 9 of them
pretending to like comics books is not cute pretending to like pokemon is not cute pretending to like kids shows is not cute pretending to play video games is not cute pretending to like things because they’re trendy is not cute in any way shape or formĀ  its not cute stop it already
When you hold someone's pet for the first time:
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