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The Seven Stages of Feminist Grief (Todd Akin edition)
SHOCK: What the fuck did he just say? DENIAL: No, that can’t be right. ANGER: Fucking ‘legitimate’?! BARGAINING: Maybe he’s high?  GUILT: It’s my own fault for checking Twitter. DEPRESSION: FML, people are defending him. ACCEPTANCE: Whatever. On to the next ...
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According to a source, the Teen Wolf cast is “devastated” by Haynes’ sudden departure. “They are sad as they had become a family,” the source tells Us...
Amanda Todd? Yeah, shit sucks, but kids commit suicide everyday… So why does she have a huge Facebook page and you hear about it 24/7? Because she was GOOD LOOKING. What about all the other ones? The overweights, the awkwards, the ‘uglies’? They get forgotten and no one gives a...
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  • Interviewer:I've got to ask about the antagonistic bromance between Derek Hale (played by Tyler Hoechlin) and Stiles Stilinski (played by Dylan O'Brien). Fans want 'Sterek' to turn into a romance - will it?
  • Colton:It's so funny that you ask that because so many people have caught on to this Sterek phenomenon! It's the bad guy versus the sidekick and they have to come together to save Scott McCall and what it's done is started this bromance, but it's also - for some fans - a sexual fantasy with these two characters. Our creator and people on the show send us photos of what these fans do with Derek and Stiles...
  • Interviewer:Oh my gosh, you've seen the slash stuff!?
  • Colton:Yes! They've made these two characters almost have a secret romance in a way, and the Teen Wolf people play to it in the show. As I've said, it's a sexy show so a lot of us had to get trainers for shirt-lift shots. Well, the fans wanted Stiles to do shirt-lifts so in this second season, our writer wrote more towards that, but every time Stiles is getting ready to take his shirt off, a locker door will open or someone will walk in front of him - it's like a funny tease on the fans.
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