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Rest in Heaven Trayvon Martin
Let’s remember Trayvon Martin, who was killed on Feb 26, 2012. #Respect
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RIP Trayvon Martin
Rest In Power Trayvon Martin, we lost you 3 years ago but we'll never forget you?????
thalamtnafsee: brujacore: shallowxgraves: Just so everyone knows, George Zimmerman is not only a murder who walked free, he’s also a rapist who only moved to Florida to flee consequences here in Virginia. Fuck everyone and everything. yep. o m g tapping into deeper levels of disgust every day....
Trayvon Martin
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Trayvon Martin
Trayvon Martin
Happy Birthday Trayvon Martin
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The difference between Trayvon Martin and Allen Coon.
This story has been spreading around on conservative blogs and message boards for the past week or so, as the Trayvon Martin story’s gathered momentum. The short version of it is that a 13 year old boy in Kansas City was attacked by two black teenagers, set on fire, and told, “That’...
If you don’t care enough to help black people in this country, how am I supposed to think that your bleeding hearts go out to the chil...
A woman who threw flour at Kim Kardashian: Arrested immediately. The man who killed Trayvon Martin: ...
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jamie foxx wears a trayvon martin shirt to the BET awards. the headlines: macklemore mentions trayvon martin during his acceptance speech at the AMA awards. the headlines: the message: PoC are racist crybabies until a white knight notices the issue and plays champion.
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