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Typography Poster Tutorial
One of my favourite types of things to create on photoshop has to be typography posters. I’ll be teaching you to make something like this -  This tutorial doesn’t follow a specific poster for you to make as the whole idea is to create something unique. I’ll be showing some differe...
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Typography Tutorial
I had an anon ask me if I could make a tutorial on how I do my typography. In my opinion, there’s no right way to do typography (yeah, I know, helpful right?), so this is more so a walk through of what I do/keep in mind while I make mine! Before we start, let me tell you all this. If you were...
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hand-drawn typography tutorial
requested by many anons :)  in this tutorial, i’ll be teaching you how to draw 2 different fonts examples provided for first font (x) (x) you need photoshop (any version), a pencil, a pen/marker and some rough (save the earth) paper (colour doesn’t matter because you can always chang...
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