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  • Someone:You're not Syrian, so why do you care so much?
  • Me:We're an ummah of one, they're pain is my pain.
You can’t just pretend that the things you watch, and the things you hear, and the places you go will not have an impact on your character. ...
ADVISE FOR RAMADHAN As we enter this blessed month of mercy, I give this advice to myself first, and then to you: Don’t let this Ramadan b...
I believe in a religion that rewards its believers simply for smiling.
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Wanna know the biggest fault in our ummah and world?
We try to fix others before we fix ourselves. 
Muslim brothers and sisters
So I found this app called Scan Halal where you scan the bar code of your food and it tells you if its halal or not. It’s a free app too. Pass this on so others can see and worry a little less about their food/snack choices
1. If your heart becomes heavy and hurts sometimes, don’t worry. It means He’s still with you. Your heart is aching to go back to Him. It’s ...
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I pray for a day when the children of Syria&Palestine wake up to the sound of birds and not bombs…
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Say 'SubhanAllah' 10x and then reblog this, do not stop REBLOGGING it. Lets see how many people we w...