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  • Venus in Aries:steamy windows and beat up converse
  • Venus in Taurus:va-va-voom curves and independence
  • Venus in Gemini:mental journeys and pixie haircuts
  • Venus in Cancer:white lace dresses and innocence
  • Venus in Leo:glowing tans and hollywood glamour
  • Venus in Virgo:nerd glasses and sexy intellect
  • Venus in Libra:killer smiles and floral sundresses
  • Venus in Scorpio:funeral roses and black lace
  • ...
Crushes In Astrology
Here is a masterpost on what can determine attraction, first moves, love, anything to do with crushes in astrology.Sun sign: How they’ll show they like youVenus sign: What they’re attracted to and if they’ll attract other people (attracted vs attractive) Attracted = More likely to pursueAttractive =...
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  • Venus in Aries:You can be quite selfish and self-centered in relationships. You sometimes dismiss your partner's needs because you're solely concerned about your own. You get bored easily and are consequentially hard to pin down.
  • Venus in Taurus:You're a very loyal lover and this could potentially make you quite possessive. You like to take things slow and it takes you a while to show someone you're interested, which may prevent potential relationships from blossoming. You dislike change and prefer consistency, which may prevent the relationship from growing.
  • Venus in Gemini:You're a light-hearted lover that dislikes seriousness and substance. You're very emotionally detached and may find yourself forming more of a friendship with your partner rather than a relationship. You're by far the hardest sign to pin down, and you likely jump from relationship to relationship.
  • Venus in Cancer:You're very needy in relationships and when these needs fail to be met, you react with an outburst of emotion and/or moodiness. Whenever your relationships face any hardships, you become very passive-aggressive, refusing to face the matter head-on. You fear being alone, so you can also be very clingy.
  • Venus in Leo:Although you're generally a very generous lover, you require an immense amount of attention in your relationships. If your partner fails to provide you with that, you resort to others in order to fulfill your needs. You're a loyal lover, but your tendency to crave attention from others may lead your partner to think you aren't quite committed.
  • Venus in Virgo:You always look before you leap and you take a very practical approach to love. Some may find you too cold and unfeeling in relationships, as you primarily rely on logic and reasoning rather than your emotions. You can be very critical of your partner without even realizing it. Similarly, you may over-analyze your relationship and focus too much on its flaws.
  • Venus in Libra:You're always fair in relationships, and this can cause you to compromise far too much for the sake of your partner. You always put your partner's needs before your own, and you'll go to great extremes in order to please them. For this reason, you may be taken advantage of in your relationships.
  • Venus in Scorpio:You're an intense lover who feels very deeply. You're very skeptical in relationships, constantly paranoid that your partner may be cheating on you. This makes you very possessive and jealous in your relationships. If someone wrongs you in the slightest, you'll make it a point to make their life a living hell.
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How Well Do You Know Venus?
Similar in structure and size to Earth, Venus’ thick, toxic atmosphere traps heat in a runaway greenhouse effect. A permanent layer of clouds traps heat, creating surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead. How did Venus get its name? It is named for the ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty. I...
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