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tangled disney Alice In Wonderland The Princess and the Frog hercules the little mermaid beauty and the beast aladdin Sleeping Beauty 101 dalmations long post for ts
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Guys check this out, I finally have enough beard to do that thing that turns you into an instant Disney villain… ALADDIN GIVE ME THE LAMP 
LOL disney ian mckellen Benedict Cumberbatch X-men tom hiddleston Magneto fandom star trek loki avengers stitch James Bond Skyfall Villains javier bardem anthony hopkins hannibal lecter silas khan bond silence of the lambs good idea lilo & stitch i have too much free time supervillains star trek into darkness glass prison glass cage homicidal maniacs
film batman the joker star wars Darth Vader heath ledger Benedict Cumberbatch leonardo dicaprio tom hiddleston The Dark Knight Rises the dark knight Magneto Tom Hardy evil loki xmen bane the matrix Joaquin Phoenix Villains khan terminator 2 Django Unchained Agent Smith Robert Patrick calvin candie gladiator commodus T-1000 Judgment Day
Illustration art disney painting Walt Disney digital art disney villains Justin Turrentine
my gifs disney Fanart the lion king the little mermaid beauty and the beast cinderella pocahontas Hunchback of Notre Dame disney villains frozen Villains seven deadly sins
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gif film mine the joker movies heath ledger cinema the dark knight donnie darko A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick The Shining full metal jacket Villains jack nicholson psycho the silence of the lambs hannibal lecter 2001: A Space Odyssey longpost gone girl the crow brandon lee Kubrick Stare The Kubrick Glare
If the signs were superheroes/villains, what would their powers be?
Aries - Hero: Bullet time. You can slow down time in order to fight at an incredible speed, making it impossible to hit or shoot you. Villain: Invulnerability. You are impervious to any harm, requiring extreme measures in order to hurt you. Taurus - Hero: Atmokinesis. You can control the weather, ...
harry potter film star wars Darth Vader Benedict Cumberbatch draco malfoy The Lord of the Rings pirates of the caribbean Michael Fassbender tom hiddleston The Dark Knight Rises The Avengers Magneto Thor Tom Hardy star trek loki angelina jolie xmen Maleficent bane bucky barnes Sebastian Stan Villains khan The Winter Soldier Davey Jones Theyre not evil just misunderstood. lol ok maybe some of them are but whateves. Sympathetic Villains
quote disney batman star wars Darth Vader supernatural Final Fantasy dean winchester Jensen Ackles Michael Fassbender the dark knight Captain America Magneto Death Note angelina jolie xmen breaking bad jason todd bucky barnes kira Sebastian Stan bryan cranston walter white light yagami Villains Sephiroth Two Face under the red hood The Winter Soldier malficent
Disney Channel disney Rapunzel beast Sleeping Beauty Mulan Belle Cruella de Vil Jafar Maleficent Evil Queen
art disney Villains original art oh my disney
disney winnie the pooh Rapunzel tarzan hercules ariel jasmine jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean tony stark Aurora cinderella pocahontas donald duck Mulan Belle Thor snow white Marvel loki Maleficent disney villains wreck it ralph mr incredible
photos reference poses
I really love villains not in a ‘poor baby is so misunderstood’ way in a ‘your amorality is so fascinating and delicious’ way
** tom hiddleston misc* I made gifs BUT EVERYONE IS SO FUCKING FAST AT IT I'M TOO SLOW AS ALWAYS
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