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The sign's best traits
Aries - dtf and knows when something’s up Taurus - hella loyal and gives great hugs Gemini - none Cancer - very maternal and kind Leo -  loyal and will probably tell you if there’s something in your teeth Virgo - intelligent and unbiased Libra - cute lil fairies Scorpio - great in bed  S...
The signs and anger:
Consider not just your Star Sign but Moon, Rising, and Mars.Aries: The smallest things can send them into a fit of fiery rage. They don’t think about the ramifications of their anger, they simply act. But it burns out fast and they apologize easily. What angers them: indiscipline, disloyalty, to be ...
The sign's worst traits
Aries - competitive // stressy Taurus - grouchy // lazy Gemini - untrustworthy // unpredictable  Cancer - very emotional // troublesome Leo - narcissistic // careless Virgo - unsociable // boastful Libra - lazy // unwilling Scorpio - snotty // paranoid Sagittarius - tactless // unsympathetic/lacks e...
  • Aries:CARING
  • Taurus:FOCUSED
  • Gemini:EMOTIONAL
  • Cancer:AMBITIOUS
  • Virgo:HUMOROUS
  • Libra:HONEST
  • Scorpio:KIND
  • ...
"neck kisses make me weak"squad
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Negative Traits of the Zodiac Signs
Aries: The temper-mental oneTaurus: The stubborn oneGemini: The sign with a split personalityCancer: The vulnerable oneLeo: Self-absorbedVirgo: The perfectionist/clean freakLibra: The judge-mental oneScorpio: ControllingSagittarius: The sign who is too honestCapricorn: Pessimistic Aquarius: the weir...
  • The Bravery of an :Aries
  • The Loyalty of a:Taurus
  • The Versatility of a:Gemini
  • The Heart of a:Cancer
  • The Confidence of a:Leo
  • The Precision of a:Virgo
  • The Perspective of a:Libra
  • The Passion of a:Scorpio
  • ...
  • Aries (positive):adventurous, passionate, quick-witted, enthusiastic, attentive
  • Aries (negative):impulsive, aggressive, tactless, feisty, impatient
  • Taurus (positive):fun, sensual, devoted, physical, determined
  • Taurus (negative):self-deprecating, jealous, self-indulgent, dogmatic, stubborn
  • Gemini (positive):exciting, friendly, approachable, funny, light-hearted
  • Gemini (negative):manipulative, silver-tongued, flighty, lack of commitment, bends the truth
  • Cancer (positive):loyal, graceful, creative, understanding, appealing
  • Cancer (negative):gruff, difficult to read, controlling, irritable, over-protective
  • ...
Positive stereotypes of the signs
Aries: Energetic  Taurus: The loyal sign Gemini: Sociable/fun  Cancer: The nurturer  Leo: the confident sign Virgo: The helpful sign Libra: The harmonious sign Scorpio: Always there for others Sagittarius: Adventerous Capricorn: the ambitious one Aquarius: The unique sign (in a good way) ...
Best Love Traits of the Zodiac Signs
Aries: Passionate, attentive, loving, intense, impatient, confident, alluring Taurus: Sensual, physical, affectionate, slow and steady, charming, conversational, protective, thoughtful, passionate Gemini: Passionate, friendly, flirty, light-hearted, frivolous, pleasure-seeking, witty, unattainable, ...
how sign traits manifest, when energies are focused outward vs. inward
ARIESoutward: snarky, charismatic, exuding an aura of confidence mixed with superiority, ambitious and willing to do whatever they can to achieve their goals, assertive, impatient, strong physical energies inward: wildly intelligent, existential, well-intentioned and seeking to self-improve, thought...
  • Best Liars:Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn
  • Most Mischievous:Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo
  • Most Manipulative:Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus
  • Best Mastermind:Capricorn, Scorpio, Gemini, Cancer, Leo
  • Aries:Romantic, compassionate and sensitive. They prefer to hide their more gentle and reserved side with their fiery energy, but in reality, they've got a pronounced dreaminess, filled with fantasies, illusions, and vague emotions. They come across as far more aggressive and bold than they actually are. They have a tendency to internalize their sensitivity, which makes them feel isolated and lonely.
  • Taurus:Determined, energetic, and assured. Although at first they seem laid-back and relaxed, once they've set their minds to something, they are headstrong, full of verve and passion. They can easily take charge of a situation, but they doubt themselves and doubt their capabilities. Instead, they often use their courage for supporting the underdog, those with no voice. They have a tendency to internalize their anger, which results in short bursts of impulsiveness and agitation.
  • Gemini:Calming, grounded, and sensual. Gemini may at first come across as scatter-brained and disoriented, yet they're far more stable than they appear. Though subject to volatile mood swings, these are usually temporary. They have the ability to separate themselves from their emotions, making them more rational and level-headed. They have a deep desire for stability, but by internalizing it, they often end up clinging to the past or pursuing materialistic desires they don't truly want.
  • Cancer:Intelligent, clever, and quick-witted. Though Cancer is often portrayed as extremely emotional, they're much more logical than they appear. They can be very quick-witted and creative when they're by themselves, but they have a hard time expressing their ideas to others. Cancer has a tendency of concealing their thoughts and plans to others, but overemphasize their emotions instead. They can reveal too much personal, emotional information about themselves while not telling others what they're actually thinking.
  • Leo:Sensitive, generous, and loyal. Leo may first come across as open and confident, but they have a great deal of emotional depth which they find difficult to show. They form deep emotional attachments, resulting in integrity and loyalty to those they care for. They're generous and devoted, but have difficulty expressing their own emotions, despite their sensitivity. As a result, they may become guarded and hypersensitive, and therefore unable to share their empathy with others.
  • Virgo:Willful, self-sufficient, and powerful. A stereotypical Virgo comes across as quiet and analytical, but in reality, Virgo has a great deal of willpower. Behind the scenes, there's a strong leadership potential, a potency in personality that is influential and admirable. There's a great deal of pride in this position, but there's also inhibition. Despite feeling proud of their achievements, they feel uncomfortable in the spotlight- resulting in feeling torn between basking in the limelight and shying away from it.
  • Libra:Critical, devoted, and thoughtful. Very often, a Libra seems at best, friendly and charming, or at worst, superficial and unreliable. Libra actually is very thoughtful and eloquent, spending a great deal of time on formulating their thoughts and opinions, as spontaneous as they might act. There's a tendency to notice things here that others wouldn't- they have a sharp and keen eye for details that are usually missed. However, they tend to keep their thoughts and worries to themselves, increasing anxiety and feeling misunderstood.
  • Scorpio:Romantic, gentle, and idealistic. Surprisingly enough, Scorpio has a kindness and idealism that is hidden underneath a more heavy and secretive exterior. Scorpio has a strong belief in justice and is highly-principled, with a strong urge to protect the helpless and the innocent. In a more private sphere, Scorpio is compassionate and sweet to those who've shown understanding and care. By internalizing this aspect of themselves, they end up withdrawing and feeling isolated among others. They may secretly idealize their partners as a means of compensation, leaving them vulnerable to emotional disappointment.
  • ...
zodiac astrology virgo virgo facts Virgo Traits
zodiac astrology virgo virgo facts Virgo Traits
zodiac astrology virgo virgo facts Virgo Traits
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What The Signs Are Stressed About Right Now
Aries: School startingTaurus: School startingGemini: School startingCancer: School startingLeo: School startingVirgo: School startingLibra: School startingScorpio: School startingSagittarius: School startingCapricorn: EverythingAquarius: School startingPisces: School starting