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actors Voice Acting bobs burgers tina belcher gene belcher Voice Actor linda belcher bob belcher louis belcher
spongebob R.I.P mermaid man Marty Ernest Borgnine Voice Actor
So I met the voice actor of Levi today and I just…
APH Italy APH Germany gerita todd haberkorn patrick seitz germany voice actor italy voice actor
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Pearl's Sounds from "Say Uncle"
R.I.P naruto shippuden kisame Voice Actor 1963-2013 Tomoyuki Dan
It's missing your screams, transfer student!
kingdom hearts bloo foster's home for imaginary friends marluxia Voice Actor
It is with sadness that we report that Robin Sachs has died suddenly of apparent heart failure.  Robin was the voice of Zaeed Massani, Admiral Saul Karath, and dozens of other voic...
edit Rooster Teeth RWBY michael jones sun wukong rwby challenge michael is a fuckin great voice actor
guy Flynn Rider characters hans hiccup jack frost Voice Actor kristoff tadashi hamada
hetalia patrick seitz don't lie this man is wonderful ladies and gentlemen... Germany's voice actor
I still have a hard time grasping the fact that  these two are voiced by the same woman
gif *1k gifs! Tokyo Ghoul Tsukiyama Shuu he shares the same voice actor of rin ///v///
jack frost rise of the guardians rotg // /chris pine voice actor/ /gif 1st gif is not mine/only the 2nd one
when an animated character is hot:when their voice actor is also hot:
my gif snk shingeki no kyojin rivaille his voice actor did a great job with this woah