mine i dont have a mac this sucks but oh well so deep!!!
movies movie teenager so Adulthood The Spectacular Now status: watching well i dont really bother looking at adulthood that closely i might not want what i see
my edits miley cyrus well i dont like miley but she is so perfect in this picture
mine Avatar Korra legend of korra lok this is so shitty Avatar Korra oh well i dont care anymore
One Direction Zayn Malik well yk oh well i dont like this
movie 4 one piece chopper zoro nami opgraphics zngifs znmasterlist yes i know this gifset is long overdue haha im sorry but here it is now finally zoro pls dont let nami let loose with you swords again it is so dangerous and the onlything you have to say is dont step over people????? well i guess thats meaningful too poor chopper tho hahaha wow so long ago
gifs mine disney Disneyedit Big Hero 6 bighero6edit is that even a tag oh well THIS TOOK ALL DAY PLEASE DONT STEAL IT omfg i'm so happy with this though i am so worried i spelt something wrong oH WELL
i dont think u guys realize how much i love the ending of da2 like  and then u just leave  'haha lol good luck fuckers xoxo'
i love the term “bear with me” because it could mean either 1 of 2 things: asking someone to be patient confirmation that the zoo heist was a success
One Direction Niall Horan IDC editss o well i am so done with you i dont think i should of done this lets all enjoy sexy santa niall sexy santa niall its too early for christmas things really
cutes carmilla carmilla karnstein natasha negovanlis laura hollis elise bauman hollstein carmilla season 2 hm well i dont usually post things about carmilla but they are so cute i ship them <3 othership
1k gifs ** sherlock SherlockEdit i dont like this but ive made the gifs so i might as well post...
cute mine kiss Tyler Oakley cutie patootie troye sivan life savers troyler IM SORRY I CANT STOP MAKING POSTS ABOUT THISSSSSSSS I HOPE YOU DONT MIND AND IF YOU DO MIND WELL I DONT SO... I love these two to the moon and back x10000000 I swear my tags are the most useless thing on earth XD I'm not even that ashamed
1k myedit grid amazingphil danisnotonfire phil lester dan howell aesthetic grid print kinda dont like this but oh well these nerds looked good so i wanted to make a thing
gif one piece 3k Monkey D. Luffy opgraphics he older than me but hes my son should i watermark so ppl dont accuse me of reposting lol also u can tell its mine because its not very well done
my gif Lee Pace Pushing Daisies anna friel how does something so morbid end up to be so cute i dont understand
1k my gifs doctor who eleventh doctor Tenth Doctor companions dwedit too many to tag tbh LOL THIS SUCKS BUT I TRIED OKAY i really tried lol (yeah there's rory so i dont get the same old 'where is rory!1!!1!') (i actually found this scene very convenient to gif/edit ...although i planned to put just amy) anyway i've been making this since last night and well i still dont like it :/
art tattoos Colored underwear anon reply bowser bara Boxer Briefs selfies Fanservice i dont know what im doing i hope this will do asktehbowz human bowser its been a while since I gave yall some fanservice
1000 500 3000 thgedit tmiedit gotedit divergentedit tvdedit i had mood for some feminism and also i love this quote so much and since its from the originals i included tvd as well and also sorry for the hp gifs i dont have hp so i had to improvise