my gif harry potter remus lupin nymphadora tonks i love this scene teddy lupin hpedit why why why WHY DID THEY TAKE IT OUT remadora the deathly hallows part 2
gif exo exo k sehun pepero gif:osh did they run out of props or something just like hey sehun here take this violin and say some thing about our product i mean?? ? ?
gifs robin srsly creys young justice artemis yj a queue for you during this scene i was just flailing WHY ARE THEY SPELLING WORDS WHY DID ARTEMIS FEEL THE NEED TO CONTINUE SPELLING OUT WORDS ONCE ROBIN STARTED IT OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW
exo EXO-K EXO-M Kai Luhan lukai why do i do this DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING LONG IT TOOK ME TO TAKE OUT THAT WATERMARK A FUCKING HOUR fuck you wilson do you know how cheesy dropshadows are for watermarks even they are so 90s get a real watermark
* lana parrilla mine: ouat cast rebecca mader spooky empire THAT WAS A GOOD LINE WHY DID THEY CUT IT UGH
mitam @GOD WHY lyg i sometimes write like this to take the mickey out of someone like if they say i should write nice
1k gifs exo EXO-M Luhan POOR BABY exo's showtime why did they make him go in the water during winter they should've made him take his clothes off he was going to freeze either way why not give us some fan service ehueh
mine F.R.I.E.N.D.S Joey Tribbiani rachel green friendsedit princesconsuela friendsgifs why did they do this to me why did they make these two romantically involved at least it didn't last long it made me so uncomfortable
talk 2 me about characters learning how to be cared about
i don't know why i did this Courtney Galiano the mack
gif The Hunger Games Catching Fire gif:thg omfg why did it take so many tries to upload this?!
~ mine sherlock bbc sherlock do you think - before venturing to create this adaptation - the writers ever sit down together - just them and lay out all of their personal headcanons on sherlock holmes and one of them was like 'sherlock holmes has a military kink' and the others chimed in agreement and that is why we get sprinkles of it in the show i bet they did do that they totally did this is no coincidence the universe is rarely so lazy
1k * Teen Wolf anyway *tw stydia twedit why idk *stydia scottmartinski argentsemma i'm sorry but when did i turn into a 80% stydia blog???? when???? did??? they???? take???? over??? my??? life???? i'm so fuckinG done with these two i swear to god they have taken over my life and my everything it's like why why why you guys gotta be like that also i feel like sharpening 780p is much better than sharpening 1080p? WHY go cry about this i know i will
Racist Racism sexism white people feminism shaving beauty standards White passing skin lightening
1k frozen hans life in the dreamhouse raquelle hot scheming mess
exo Kai exo k sehun jongin D.O. Kyungsoo baekhyun joonmyun suho chanyeol junmyeon i still cant get over it why suho why bydokyungsoo too much blue/cyan but thats video so i cant change it :<
"before they go to perform, they played truth or dare game. Junmyeon-ssi chooses dare and the other ...
- HBI, exo’s stylist noona.