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Moana - International Trailer #1
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Ah yes, because the princesses have been such terrible role models. They have taught such horrific lessons such as…Stop pitting female characters against each other. A dress is not a weakness.
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“So you see,” said the Royal Advisor, wringing his hands, “the curse states the princess will die on the night before her twenty-fifth birthday–” “Hang on,” said the princess, “‘ON the night before’–” The Advisor nodded grimly...
Cinderella transformation dress for the cosplay contest at G...
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I kind of wish disney’s ~weird period~ had lasted longer. Like all of a sudden we were getting these films like lilo & stitch and Atlantis and the emperor’s new groove and treasure planet and they were so fun and DIFFERENT. Just thinking about what the pitches for those movies had to have been l...
When anons try to start something but you just ignore it
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