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Witch Tip:
Don’t underestimate water. Running water is a highly versatile tool. Send things downstream to banish them, sink them to bind them, bathe them to cleanse them of unwanted attributes, etc. Water can also be used as a simple offering, can be used to write invisible sigils on objects and is the one of ...
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Witch Respect
I respect the solitary witches who blaze your own trails, walk your own paths, and listen to your own gods. It can be a lonely, yet rewarding, life. It is not for the faint of heart. From the solitary we can all learn self-reliance and how to listen to our intuition. I respect the witch who chooses ...
Witch Tip:
Coffee filters make awesome bath sachets. Place a pinch of your herbs in the filter, bunch it up and tie off with thread or even a small hair band. Annoint the bath bag with a drop or two of your favorite oil for extra oomph and toss it in your drawn bath with 1 ½ C Epsom salt and relax!
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Modern Witches
- Nervous witches collecting rainwater in mason jars and purifying it for non visibility spells. Dousing their wrists and necks and behind their ears to prevent unwanted attention.- Witches brewing tea and coffee and leaving it to sit for days so that the spirits in their homes will be pleased.- Twe...
Witch Tip
Stir drinks clockwise to promote things (productivity, creativity, sleepiness, etc). Stir drinks counter clockwise to decrease things (anxiety, insomnia, invading thoughts, etc)
Top Ten Magical Herbs
1. Rosemary:  Anti-depressive Protection Purification Exorcism Magic Defense Banishing 2. Sage: Aphrodisiac Protection Divination Longevity Clairvoyance Prosperity Passion 3. Basil House protection Purification Prosperity Spell breaker Strenght and Courage Harmony and peace Psychic Development Exorc...
Lavenderwhisp’s Witch Types Master Post (Jan 2016)
Witch: magical practitionerElemental Witch: Witches who work around the 5 elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit.Earth Witch: Witches who specifically work with their magic around the element of Earth, through grounding exercises, rock/soil collecting, crystal magic, and Green Witchery. Earth...
Domestic Witch Tip
Write sigils on the bottom of your doormat so that whenever guests wipe their feet or step over the threshold the magic takes effect. A protection sigil or even one for a clean and happy home would be great here. 
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On Being a Death Witch
Keep in mind that everything in this post is from me and my experiences. Every witch is different. What is right for me isn’t always going to be right for you. I want to make that very clear. I am simply giving my thoughts on my practice. I am not suggesting that this is the correct way to define an...
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