• Wolf Eyes •
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Stiles Teen Wolf idk what this is stiles stilinski tw:mygifs but stiles with wolf eyes is pretty
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oh my god Teen Wolf I'M LAUGHING SO HARD tears are coming out of my eyes and i made this
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Teen Wolf mine (2) derek hale tyler hoechlin my gifs [teen wolf] twedit dhand idek how this happened but i was gifing a scene and then his eyes and you know things just happened
my gifs eyes by me lips Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien stiles stilinski his neck teen wolf season 3 m:tw m:1k m:ss Alpha Pact that camera angle tho and face in general are going to be the death of me
Teen Wolf MOTHERFUCKING WEREWOLVES i didn't feel like trying to find a serious derp of derek WORKIT GURL hale so have some failed bedroom eyes teen wolf: cap mini hiatus queue
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*** Teen Wolf graphic* derek hale 1k* tw* twedit this is shitty im sorry
wolf wolves
Stiles Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien i can't stiles stilinski his fucking eyes CAN WE TALK FOR A SEC ABOUT HIS FUCKING MOUTH actual bambi stiles stilinski also: celebrating downloading season 1 in hd with this quick gifset :)
Stiles Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien derek hale tyler hoechlin Sterek dear god this whole interview was like hearts in my eyes tyler hoechlin loves dylan best. i have convinced myself of this. whatever. you don't know my life. stop with the fondness asshole put that face away best cast tbh