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At the theater watching Into the Woods
Red: Maybe my granny will make me a new cape out of that wolf’s skin! Someone in the theater: Wow, this is dark
flawless Cabin in the Woods the cabin in the woods fran kranz gif: citw kristen connolly
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  • Disney fans:oh my god into the woods has got cinderella and rapunzel!!!! XDDDD this is gonna be the most amazing disney film everrrrr!!!
  • People that actually know what happens in Into the Woods:Do we tell them?
Fun reminders about Into the Woods
The Baker never finds out that Rapunzel is his sister The Baker also never finds about his wife cheating on him Jack’s mom is killed in front of the entire cast, except the Princes and Jack Both Little Red’s mother and grandmother are killed The Witch gets so aggravated by the Baker, Cin...
i don't even the cabin in the woods post: mine film: the cabin in the woods
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mine Reese Witherspoon legally blonde elle woods i'll show you how valuable elle woods can be
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Reasons to go into the woods
to see to sell to get to bring to make to lift to go to the festival
gif ~ Chris Hemsworth p Cabin in the Woods film: cabin in the woods
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