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date a guy who asks you whats wrong. date a guy who gets excited whenever he sees your face. date a guy who buys ice cream for you. date a guy who apologies when he accidentally makes you mad. date a guy who will turn his fucking back against the organization after realizing it made your life a livi...
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mine kh Xion kingdom hearts 358/2 days khgraphics khedit kh: 358/2 days because there's never enough xion gifs
Still laughing about how they handle computers in KH
Sora’s like: Roxas’ like: Then there’s Xion: hacking the freaking database
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Axel Xion GIFS: KH khgraphics 358 2 Days
gifs my posts kingdom hearts roxas days Xion 358/2 Days year of xion it's supposed to  be xion but it looks more like kairi haha woOOPS
1k kingdom hearts mygraphics Xion 1.5 khgraphics kingdom hearts 1.5 //this was a lot nicer in my head i swear
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There’s a saying in China - if you don’t go through storms how will you be able to see the rainbow? If you don’t go through difficulties you...
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