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When YouTube allows you to skip the ad
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Hey! We're YouCoalition!
You may have heard about this task force working to fight online sexual violence and emotional abuse in places like Eff Yeah Nerdfighters! and a recent video by Hank Green. We know people have been curious about our work and involvement. We’ve finally reached a point where we can be open about...
When you’re in a friendship with someone but they’re more popular than you are
Interview #1 - YouTube and Community
Josh Kolm, a who is getting his Master’s in jounalism at Ryerson University asked 10 very very good questions. Though as a former journalism student myself, I will give him (and all of the rest of you) a tip my professor once gave me…try to only ask one question per question. 1. In terms...
Many of you already know about some of the recent events concerning various YouTube performers and allegations of sexual misconduct. When I read about this (and it seems to come and come right now), I thought, “I have nothing to add to this.” So I just watched. And was sad. And also heartened by the...
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Zayn Malik on YouTube
2010Zayn cooking on the X-Factor-  length (2:00)Zayn’s X Factor Audition (2010) length (0:41)Zayn gets fruits on the X Factor - length (2:17)Zayn’s Twitcam  - length (4:31)Zayn telling his little sister to ‘shut-up’ on TwitCam Zayn’s Twitcam singing Let Me Love You  - length (1:32)Zayn’s Twitcam sin...