• a peggy carter appreciation post •
A post about romantic relationships
so I’ve been in a relationship for 5 years now. And I see a lot of posts about how people think relationships mean having butterflies forever, your heart beating faster when they walk into a room, about cuddling together every night, legs intertwined, that you’d be so happy to live together you’d sl...
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Shout out to all the janitors that clean public bathrooms. Seriously thank you. You make going to public bathrooms a little more bearable when it’s clean. You’re all under appreciated heroes.
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How to use “and” 5 times in a row grammatically: A man owned a store called “This And That” and hired another man to make a sign for it. When it was finished the owner inspected the work. He discovered that the spaces were wrong so he said “the space between This and An...
"I want a plus-sized princess!" "I want a princess who can’t sing!" "I want a princess who can fight!" "I want a non-traditional princess!" In conclusion Fiona is great and just because Disney didn’t make her doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist.
I don’t understand how there’s no Black Widow movie. A little girl being taught to be a spy from childhood. Destroying her youth and innocence and learning to kill. Competing against 27 other girls to stay alive. Being pushed to the breaking point morally, physically, and emotionally. Seeing The Red...
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hayley atwell agent carter
Reblog if you think sign language should be taught as a language in schools.
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