• a peggy carter appreciation post •
my gifs otp The Avengers Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers hayley atwell peggy carter m: my avengers requested by laura! :) clintbartony blame her for the pain steve x peggy m: my cap
* jean grey natasha romanova ororo munroe peggy carter Elektra Natchios Lady Sif
1k ** Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers hayley atwell don't look at me peggy carter *ce
mine Eleven i don't post enough eleven stuff so here have a eleven appreciation gifset
* X-men Hugh Jackman Wolverine this is a lumberjack Logan appreciation post
my edits Chris Hemsworth appreciation post
my gifs lord of the rings LOTR The Lord of the Rings my gifs* orlando bloom legolas appreciation post
tom hiddleston hiddles appreciation post hmlnwedit
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson One Direction louis harry larry LARRY IS REAL
love music issues Tyler Carter Michael Bohn case snedecor AJ Rebollo Skyler Acord Tyler Scout Acord Post Hardcoe
exo EXO-K sehun appreciation post d.o chanyeol exogifs derp squad new hairstyle/haircolor
I just need a Joe Bereta appreciation post in my life right now
mine The Hunger Games THG hunger games alexander ludwig amandla stenberg rue Cato appreciation post this is the best ive ever done my fucking babiessss
* kristen stewart idk kristen stewart appreciation post
Think Like A Man Michael Ealy I just watched this...this was a plus lol Michael Ealy appreciation post
1000 he's so cute Lee Pace Pushing Daisies myleegifs this took forever but ahhh his face i need to do a smile appreciation post too
storm *mine emma frost Gwen Stacy Sue Storm ororo munroe lmao i don't even care this was done recently!!!! i've been working on this since yesterday so i do what i want etc sif peggy carter
The Avengers loki this is a ' tom hiddleston aftermath of being beaten up by the hulk ' appreciation post