• a peggy carter appreciation post •
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my gifs 10k queen of everything peggy carter agent carter marveledit looks a little darker
peggy carter ok sorry agent carter I need to stop procrastinating Angie Martinelli cartinelli miriam fry how she got in i'm deleting this
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i had to Marvel peggy carter agent carter MaryneArt uehuehueh Angie Martinelli cartinelli I love this post
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TTP peggy carter long post *gifset agent carter agentcarteredit will this one be the last part? we just don't know als yeah i used let's bang again sue me i love it too much
hayley atwell bridget regan *photoset peggy carter long post whitney frost Lotte Verbeek agent carter Wynn Everett agentcarteredit dottie underwood Ana Jarvis lesley boone rose roberts man i killed a lot of time on searching the more fitting images though i'm all for better suggestions if there are any
agent carter cancelled. no plans to renew for a second season.
these are the headlines we’ll see soon, if we don’t all watch agent carter legally. people directly involved with the show have been tweeting about how important it is for us to do this, to show the tv networks that this show has an audience. we’re here. keep making us content. let...
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Marvel peggy carter agent carter
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my gifs made by me peggy carter agent carter agentcarteredit peggycarteredit swearing for ts canon peggy carter quotes peggy 'the sass' carter uhhh also gratuitous 'I think bad words are funny because I'm twelve' swearing for ts