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1k ** Electra Heart Marina and the Diamonds marina diamandis marina* HEY HI HO HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ALL :~) DONT LET THIS FLOP 2 SHOW ME U LOVE ME X
another another tags to type and post the tag that comes up she he they im yea well if ok
welcome to my blog carmilla hollstein carmilla text it's like one day a fluffly photoset the other carmillas being beaten then a cute text about hollstein also i liked this coloring like woah im proud hi five me it almost matched again
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friendly reminder that sollux and karkat havent had a pesterlog sinceĀ 12/24/11
gifs yoona hi bye rip me i fainted
spoilers mine supernatural spn i guess im so sad i dont care spn spoilers S9 holy terror shona 9.09 hi im sad are you sad therefore i will make graphics about it kevins death for ts
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