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* Modern Family Haley Dunphy mfedit about me probably
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“how’s the semester going?”
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this fucking vine i swear to god
Please watch this I’m in tears
gif mine ariana grande Queen 2015 arigrande edit no one giffed this right
  • person:i am uncomfortable with bad language--
  • me:okay!! that's fine!!
  • person:--because you are a girl and girls shouldnt talk like that
  • me:eat my entire ass!!!!
gifs about me Sofía Vergara 20kplus svedit
  • Bae:babe come over
  • Me:I just put my bagel bites in the oven
  • Bae:my parents aren't home
  • Me:I literally just put them in the oven
  • me a week before exams:im gonna study so hard and get an A and go to an amazing college and be the top in my class
  • me the night before exams:success and failure are human constructions and aren't real. i am less than a speck in the entire known universe and all of time. time is a construct of humans. we are all going to die.
depression My art shut up nina someone told me to put it under the depression tag so im like a big ball of apathy and laziness nina gets real
american horror story AHS jessica lange Angela Bassett ahs coven Marie Laveau fiona goode
"What are you twelve" Yeah on a scale of one to ten bye
feminist feminism womyn genderequality
me Jesus faith beard Mormon
the powerpuff girls mythings Blossom ppg patriarchy sara bellum
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