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I dearly wish that people would view their bodies as they view flowers… Veins everywhere? gorgeous~ Skin patches? Birthmarks? hella rad~ Scars?¬†Stretch marks? beautiful~ Freckles? Moles? Acne scars? heckie yeah~ Large? Curvy? lovely~ Small? Thin? charming~ Missing a few pieces? hand...
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Date someone you can be fucking weird as hell with who at the end of the day still wants to get naked with you.
Golden Trio Awards OTP of the Year Nominee: Olicity
It was the Season of Olicity this year and Stephen and Emily more than rose to the occasion.They turned in astounding performances from the big moments to the small. Oliver and Felicity were put through their paces. We watched their elation as they embarked on a romance, the heartbreak as it was sac...
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