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BASIC: Name: AmphoneNickname(s): Linh.Gender: Female.Age: 22Birthday: January 15.Hometown: Toccoa, Georgia.Current Town: San Diego, CA.Orientation: Student. LIKES / DISLIKES: Favorite Color(s): Light blue & Pink.Least Favorite Color: Gray, Silver, any dull colors, besides black.Favorite Food: An...
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BASICS: name: ava age: 14 birthday: september 17th zodiac: virgo single or taken: single height: 5’2” eye color: dark, dark brown middle name: louise favorite color:green lucky number: 3 SPECIFICS/DETAILS: hogwarts house [x]: ravenclaw favorite fictional character: rosalee calvert favor...
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You told me you hated people like that. Look at yourself. Your that.
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  • job application:please list any special skills
  • me:I know insane amounts of harry potter trivia
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BASICS: name: Lee Ann birthday: December 26, 1992 zodiac: Capricorn single or taken: Taken height: 5’8” last time I checked. Maybe 5’9”. eye color: Blue middle name: Marie favorite color: Purple, because it’s the color of royalty. Duh. lucky number: 9 SPECIFICS/DETAILS:...
reblogging your thousandth gifset of sebastian stan like
i just want someone to be crazy about me, im tired of being the crazy one
Survey #131 : Personal About Me
Last Person That 1. Slept in your bed besides you? — No one 2. Saw you cry? — I don’t know 3. You went to the movies with? — Mysti 4. You went out to dinner with? — Kayla if the dining hall counts haha 5. You talked on the phone to? — My mom 6. Made you laugh? — Probably Kayla Would You Rather...
I was going to type out the tag “time to go find some food” and???
  • Ashton:[breathes]
  • me:fu kcin ,. fuc shiT [trips down stairs]