• about me •
A haiku about my life
Not enough money Too many video games A lot of crying
pretty much my life motto tbh:
touch yourself think about me touch yourself and think about me
Christmas * about me Bob's Burgers bobs burgers tina belcher literally about me lol
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my personality is basically just puns homestuck references stress "wait what" "hey listen to this fact nobody cares about" homestuck references puns homestuck
I pay attention to the small details. I might ask you if something is wrong just because I noticed a slight change in your tone of voice. Or...
*aggressively meows for your attention*
"oh you’re a vegetarian? you must be so healthy!"
about me This is me liam gallagher
me about me kawaii Gyaru Tsubasa
*is punk rock but is also really into pink, pastel colours, and really fluffy things*
It’s not that you’re difficult to read you are just a book that changes language every day
I think my favorite part of this opening is how the Queen is always smiling and waving to the crowd.
ladies ladies loving/appreciating ladies ladies-driven narratives strong-minded ladies feminine ladies ladies doing whatever the fuck they feel like doing ladies subverting stereotypes all of the l a d i e s
the problem with some people is that they’re breathing
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