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2015 ACCURATE Horoscopes!!
AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18)  Charming. Attractive. Popular. You gather a diverse and zany. group of friends from all walks of life. Though you’re highly social, you absolutely hate fighting. This is often at odds with you quest for justice in all aspects of your life. You believe in fairnes...
mine dw there are you happy less accurate but still accurate
Me trying to leave tumblr in attempt to do something more productive..
Mom: “I’m almost home, did you do the chores like I asked you too?” Me:
  • aries:makes ppl upset on purpose cause they think its funny. it usually is pretty funny. cool at parties.
  • taurus:one track mind. chill out some time damn?
  • gemini:im scared of you but keep doing what you doing
  • cancer:have u tried yoga
  • leo:loyal and super fuckin smart but a dick. u probably bottle up your emotions cause you got a brand to maintain
  • virgo:plays league too much
  • libra:youre really gay. keep being gay.
  • scorpio:not as much of a dick as everyone says. you just don't open up right away. leos think youre cool probably
  • ...
funny accurate flask ThePastelPrince
when someone reblog ya selfie but dont use tags
What I think my relationship with my horses is like: What my relationship with my horses actually is:
accurate as fuck
accurate rolls around
MY EDIT accurate
haha dying too accurate
It’s like angels singing
  • Tumblr:We're accepting of everyone!
  • Tumblr:Unless you don't like my OTP!
  • Tumblr:Unless you're homophobic!
  • Tumblr:Unless you use Internet Explorer!
  • Tumblr:Unless you're voting for Romney!
  • Tumblr:Unless you're a hipster!
  • Tumblr:Unless you think Facebook is actually cool!
  • Tumblr:Unless you breathe incorrectly!
  • ...
  • one third of me:I want a boyfriend so much, relationships are so cute aw
  • one third of me:sex sex sex I want sex fuck relationships lets be slutty lol
  • one third of me:fuck everyone I hate people kill yourselves
  • boobs:no ass
  • ass:no boobs
  • ass and boobs:ugly face
  • no ass, no boobs:pretty face
  • ass, boobs, and pretty face:doesn't give head