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Why can’t he sell sea shells by the sea shore?
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The difference between Feminism and Men’s Rights Activism is like having a cupcake. Women have a plain cake. Men have a chocolate chip cake with icing and sprinkles. Realizing that this isn’t fair, Feminists have spoken up saying it’s not fair that they only get a plain cake when m...
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"but women have sex organs on their chests! I don’t walk around with my pants off!" I think what you mean to say is “women have secondary sex characteristics on their chests”, not sex organs in which case let me remind you that your facial hair and enlarged adam’s apple are a...
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  • Non-white/queer/trans men:we are regularly abused, rejected and shat on by society, but you do nothing to support us. I thought you guys were fighting for the rights of men?
  • MRAs:not all men
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8 Activists Who Demand The World Knows That Black Lives Matter
Know your heroes by sight and be proud of them
11 Signs You're A Men's Rights Activist
Click Here Text (would be legible on actual shirt): 1. You have no problem with the gender wage gap. But you hate having to pay for dates. 2. You insist that it’s a scientifically proven fact that men are stronger than women. But you complain about society believing that it’s worse for a man to hit...
Men’s Rights Activists Urge Mad Max: Fury Road Boycott
A “Men’s Rights Activists” website has urged men to boycott the release ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ for being “a feminist piece of propaganda posing as a guy flick”.Their problem with the film, which MRA blog Return of The Kings admits it hasn’t actually seen yet, is that Charlize Theron’s character Furios...
the urban dictionary definition of mens rights activists is so spot on it hurts- ‘a bunch of whiny pedantic morons that think there is some vast illuminati feminist conspiracy while seemingly ignoring the fact that their own gender runs and ruins the majority of the world’
I can’t even. This has me literally sobbing. I can’t … even explain how I feel… but this is horrific. THIS is my issue with Animal Rights people. White, privileged, A...
Canada has refused to issue visas to 10 Ugandans over concerns they’d stay to seek asylum. This is the disgusting pile of xenophobic anti-black anti-queer dog turd of a &#8...
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A bad trip? This whole country, this whole world is on a bad trip, friend. But they’ll arrest you for swallowing a tablet.
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