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In the world of theatre, we don’t say “good luck” we say “break a leg” which translates to “I actually want you to break your leg because I secretly hate you”, and I think that’s beautiful.
sexy vintage Grunge actor leonardo di caprio
gif LOL dog animals actor dramatic plays dead
*mine michael pitt filed under: people i adore
the legend of korra lok artbook bryankonietzko tlok General Iroh II Iroh II michaeldantedimartino
etc welcome to night vale night vale wtnv I'm sure someone else has already done an intro post but I wanted to do one too I need to convert more people ok I feel lonely on my dash
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Black and White sexy actor iansomerhalder
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Exclusive video: Cory Monteith gives advice to fan on fligh...
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1k * true blood jessica hamby Deborah Ann Woll *edits miscedit dawedit this entire photoshoot *___* stars in my eyes
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