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love gorgeous logan lerman male actor perks of being a wallflower Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
quotes titanic leonardo dicaprio my graphics inception romeo + juliet shutter island Django Unchained I'M NOT SORRY THIS IS LONG too many films to tag ugh
Reblog if you like an actor twice your age
Want to prove to a classmate that I am not the only one.
harry potter Hermione Granger Emma Watson bellatrix lestrange helena bonham carter bellatrixbitchlestrange.tumblr.com voldemort-lord-am-i.tumblr.com
film disney my work actresses Voice Actor disney photoset disney trivia disney list
love Model book the fault in our stars Fan Cast Joshua Anthony Brand
epilepsy warning nicolas cage National Treasure mine: gif Ben Gates national treasure 2 book of secrets gif: national treasure film: national treasure the gr8est actor of the millenium!!
girls boys friends mila kunis actress Friendship Justin Timberlake actor
do you think its called “The Fault in Our Stars” because Hazel’s zodiac sign is cancer and shes got cancer so its her stars sign that caused it and thats a fault and thats why its called “The Fault in Our Stars”
1k mygifs myedits :'( 5k 10k RIP hpedit richard griffiths rip richard griffiths
movies Bradley Cooper jennifer lawrence anne hathaway Amy Adams Hugh Jackman brave masterpost lincoln oscars les miserables Joaquin Phoenix Academy Awards jessica chastain amour denzel washington ParaNorman Django Unchained wreck it ralph silver linings playbook daniel day lewis Naomi Watts sally field life of pi Zero Dark Thirty Beasts of the Southern Wild Quvenzhané Wallis Argo Emmanuelle Riva helen hunt
film Celebs heath ledger brokeback mountain jake gyllenhaal hafsa
film movie Ryan Gosling actor michelle williams Blue Valentine
edit napoleon dynamite actor 50 Cent candy shop
fuck you charlie sheen actor charlie Sheen
my gif harry potter tony stark The Avengers Steve Rogers Thor Marvel loki Clint Barton Natasha Romanoff au bruce banner au gifset sir I queue better from a distance too lazy to tag everyone's actor names OTL well here it is now i'll go and bury my head in the sand
ron weasley rupert grint harry potter wow British Redhead actor ginger english transformation good looks puberty?
sherlock holmes sexism Arthur Conan Doyle infographic
LOL chris batman robert downey jr. robert downey jr iron man tony stark Christian Bale The Dark Knight Rises the dark knight Robert Downey actor bruce wayne rob batsy
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