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Stages of addiction.
1. I can’t get addicted 2. I’m not addicted 3. Fuck
It is not heroin or cocaine that makes one an addict, it is the need to escape from a harsh reality.
Recovery is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to deal with it
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Addiction starter sentences
“What happened to staying clean for me?!”“I’m supposed to believe this is you being sober? I’m not buying it.”“How many glasses have you had?!”“If you want to keep smoking, you’ll have to go outside.”“You told me you’d sto...
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  • Niall:Liam, I want ice cream!
  • Louis:Lookin' good Harry!
  • Paul:Harry! Put your trunks back on! You can't tan your bum in the middle of the beach!
  • Liam:All these women are barely clothed! They need to respect themselves more!
  • Zayn:I look better than you. And you. And you.
  • Niall:Will anyone come swim with me?
  • Paul:Louis! Put your trunks back on! You too Harry!
  • Liam:These women have FATHERS! If I gave them my clothes, do you think they would cover up?!
  • ...
Drugs are both the worst and best things I have ever experienced.
  • Harry:Louis, look at this thong!
  • Louis:Buy it, you can show me tonight.
  • Paul:NO. Harry, put it down.
  • Niall:Paul, I want a pretzel!
  • Liam:Calm down Niall, we'll get one soon.
  • Niall:NO LIAM, NOW!
  • Harry:Louis look! Underwear with cats on it!
  • Paul:Harry, Louis, get out of Victoria's Secret!
  • ...
  • Liam:Harry, it's okay. They're just giving you a trim!
  • Louis:Back off bitches, I'm the only one aloud to touch the hair.
  • Niall:I'm hungry. Where's the food?
  • Zayn:I don't need a haircut. I'm perfect.
  • Paul:For god's sake, Harry. Just let the woman trim your hair. It's fine. She won't hurt it- NIALL! You can't eat hair gel!
  • Liam:Harry, it's okay...
  • Louis:...That wasn't hair gel.
  • ...
gif my strange addiction
my strange addiction
honestly let’s stop fucking demonizing + dehumanizing addicts please
Reading is an addiction that I adore.
gif my strange addiction
my strange addiction