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snk shingeki no kyojin attack on titan photoshit haha hah ha im too lazy to tag eveyr oen hh ah ahah hah hah hhh ehh ehe H HAH H AHH
bucky receiving conscription notice bucky desperately trying to apply for conscientious objector status so he can stay home and look out for steve bucky being rejected and told to report to basic training no later than tomorrow at seven am bucky swaggering in, throwing an arm around steve’s shoulder...
mine[3] *spn spnedit holy shit 1k mishackles spndeanwinchester long post / thechesapeakeripper wow ok 5k dean love club ahha hah ah h aha h hah a ah gfuckfgijn siken
serious you never hear about reptilians infiltrating the donut shop taking over poetry night hhah ha hah ah shit this is terrible h ah aha h oh well
nina dobrev TVD* people who say she's ungrateful for her fans ha hah h ahah i'll fight you she's so cute and sweet i died from diabetes like 6 times while making this
mygifs myedits exo exo k chanyeol chanyeoledit sbs roommate e:overdose h IS FACE OHMYGOD AHGASDAHG IS LIKE HE WAS CRYING AHAH HAH A
my gifs exo gif:exo Kai exo k jongin gif:k 100kai haHahaha Hah ah ahhaah h a h a- sTOP IT JONGIN
Darren Criss ha okay mine* mine: Darren hahahaahah a aahaha hahah ahahaha ahah hah ahaah ahah
My art
A hah h hahahahaha hahhahahaha Social Justice munozjose vegetable tray of gay
mine Jim Kirk Uhura dont look at me star trek into darkness trekedit stedit* hah a h a thi s part
Walking Robot robots robotics
*** shinee taemin s* b w haha taemin hah ah ah hAHAH hah lol what is a tae 'mint' it sounds minty do you get them in the shops or something in the candy aisle? taI GO TO SLEEP LOL
mygifs mine exo exo k CE i can't chanyeol Yes Hi xxxxk dating alone I CAN'T EVEN GIF THIS I'M EITHER GIGGLING BC CRINGE OR LOWKEY FEELING FLUSTERED AS HECK HAHAHAHAHAhaHAAHah HAH ha h  h h h h h h cHANYEOL OPPPPPPPPPPPpaAAAAAAAAAAAaa I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE STEAMY MAKE-OUT SCENE IN THE LIBRARY FOR NEXT WEEK haAHAHhaah ok but honestly give me some college aus ok idk i can't chanyeol's acting is so cheesy but its bc he's cheesy so i can't nope
My Artz dangan ronpa DR spoilers chihiro fujisaki yasuhiro hagakure Mukuro Ikusaba i dont wan nA look at this anymore gosh
CrissColfer hah obnoxious crisscolfering
shoutout to myself for having a relatively large collection of music in my itunes library but only listening to the same 10 songs on repeat all the time
spoilers twd the walking dead new gifs nissa's gifs twd spoilers tyreese twdgifs what happened and what's going on HAH IF YOU WANT MORE PAIN WATCH AS THE BRANCHES SLOW AS THE WIND DIES LIKE TYREESE DID H A H K I L L M E N O W