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  • Dumbledore:The dark forest is strictly forbidden to all students
  • Dumbledore:Except for detention
  • Dumbledore:Where you will be forced to wander around when it's darkest and scariest
  • Dumbledore:Doesn't that make so much sense
  • Dumbledore:I'm so good at rules
  • Dumbledore:Ten points to Dumbledore
Me flirting: So do you think Dumbledore’s over protection of Harry to the point where it harmed more than helped him stemmed from a desire to compensate for being so careless about the life of his sister and abandoning his brother when he was supposed to be the head of the family?
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I’ve been re-reading the HP books and I got to Prisoner of Azkaban (be still my beating heart, it is still the best one) and, at Christmas there’s only 12 people around the dinner table. Trelawny comes along and Dumbledore stands up to draw her a chair.She freaks out, I must not! When 13 people dine...
  • Dumbledore:No one calls Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore a thief.
  • Sirius:No one's got the time.
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