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-Vodka? -A la vena por favor.
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fun eurovison drinking game:
take a shot every time its a ballad
Alcohol Is Microscopically Beautiful
We all knew alcohol could make people look beautiful, but it seems we were overlooking the real beauty all along. 1. Bloody Mary 2. Cosmopolitan 3. Dry Martini 4. Pina Colada 5. Sake 6. Tequila 7. Vodka Tonic 8. Whiskey 9. White Russian
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is this how he does it with women he grabs their shoulders, doesn’t he
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Du kannst Alkohol trinken so viel du willst. Du kannst rauchen so viel du willst. Die Probleme werden dadurch ganz bestimmt nicht verschwind...
Alcohol will only make a person cheat if they’d considered doing it while sober. Being drunk changes your behavior, not your morals.
Sitting down: I’m fine I’m not even drunk these drinks are weak and watered down in this bootleg ass bar wtf Standing up: I need to go home right now immediately