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homestuck submission sin why is everything always so wonderful?
does anyone else ever forget that men aren’t expected to shave their armpits even though they’re so hairy, and then a guy lifts his arms up and you’re actually fucking shocked because you expect there to be skin but instead you’re greeted with 2 fur trappers, 5 families of elk and an ancient civiliz...
dress flower floral lolita bouquet artz I've always wanted to draw osmething like this hhh
PSA: Martin Freeman *always* wears the bomb jacket during setlock
it’s like, his favorite coatit’s been 3 setlocks that i’ve had to calm people downhe’s not wearing a bomb; he just wants to be warmhe fucking loves that goddamn coat
beyonce tanya5 mine: beyonce beyedit what a queen her costumes are always so beautiful
Timmy was always a bit different from the other ostriches
the Best Feeling™
you know when you introduce someone to SUand you get to jailbreakand you get to see their unspoiled reaction to finding out garnet’s a fusion and ur just likeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH ! ! !
love elephant doodle
it's always sunny in philadelphia requested by anon iasip frank reynolds always sunny the gang group dates
no offense but I literally can’t process that others genuinely care for me
cats art tag Hanna does this always Conrad just headbutts my face real hard
gifs star wars leia organa sw edit swedit Arthurpendragonns FYSW userioda always sensing her brother
request it's always sunny in philadelphia dennis reynolds iasip always sunny Frank's Pretty Woman eminemkid
it's always sunny in philadelphia dennis reynolds iasip Dee Reynolds Mac McDonald the gang exploits the mortgage crisis
reblog if u are gay and always half-asleep
  • me [likes a thing]:hey, i like this thing!
  • brain:excellent. you will be unable to think about anything other than that thing for a period lasting from several weeks to a number of years.
it's always sunny in philadelphia iasip modern art
People really ought to go and watch the old Dan and Phil videos because then you would see just how often they did wear each others clothes..   Dan spent so much time at Phil’s flat instead of his uni halls, he pretty much just wore phils wardrobe! 
gif mine Teen Wolf forever and always allison argent teenwolfedit it's kinda scallison too this gifset
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