• all just some good experimentation •
ugh comics stuff i made argh legend of korra the legend of korra Mei Lin Bolin borra madi draws things this comic I sure had a death wish starting this comic with this kind of style and shading I had no idea what I was going to do for the colors at first and I put this off for a while because I was unsure about the paneling and colors but in the end I did this and I'm pretty okay with it all just some good experimentation now I have about three other comic ideas I want to finish hoo boy
doctor who mydoctorwhogifs mygif3 not gonna tag all of them that is just cray crya a post dedicated to all the amazing women on doctor who i am pretty i forgot some really good one but i'm sorry i can't cap all of them im a gifmaker not a miracle worker
spnedit deanwinchestersheart spndeanwinchester kikistiel cocogifs *2014 dean love club just some random thing i made i made a really nice colouring psd and this one turned out really good with this i bid you all good night
sunggyu sungjong myungsoo woohyun infinite But oh well sungyeol l Dongwoo Hoya g:infinite g:all some pretty hard choices here can i just have all of you? even though i do have dongwoo's awesome spinny toy haha ^^ this looked a lot better in my head tbh i guess it still looks good
i’m just imagining 11’s face when he sees rose like hELP ME
art homestuck godtier artwork update aranea sylph saccharinesylph
what if every Tumblr user suddenly looses their mouse?
destroy the concept that everyone who wears glasses would look better without glasses >:^(
animation motion graphics motion design after effects i am so tired my animation why am I awake but rly tho kvo talks yeahh i was just testing something out which is why some of the movements are kind of abrupt then i realized it was 4am when i made these and that my brain was half fried and ended up typing in very inspirational text that you see in the shapes LIFE STORY BASICALLY
love people quote Black and White life sad quotes edit One Tree Hill TV Series I edit this when I'm sad
* tmi the mortal instruments cob malec tmiedit clace sizzy mytmi my 2 fave things!!!!!!!!!!!
it's all still p good i think cosplaythings
Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage not weakness.
give me first year sirius spouting the offensive rhetoric he’s been brought up on and being confused when peter is silent and uncomfortable and james looks at him like he doesn’t know him and remus doesn’t speak to him for a few days  give me sirius deeply conflicted about being in gryffindor and co...
just some practice with colors/composition stuff!!! the last picture for this year tfw your sleeping schedule is all out of sorts- wide awake at 4 am goood night!!! also watched star wars yesterday it was really good hrghh not very satisfied with how this came out shrugs maybe deleting this later zooms away to bed
Ain’t nobody fucking with my clique clique clique
my gifs doctor who x idk Tenth Doctor dwedit the oncoming queue sexy specs rtdedit tenedit i almost made this a lot longer because there are SO many scenes where he's wearing glasses and he looks good in all of them so i just sort of randomly selected some
Sebastian Stan: *exists*Me:
Shubbaart long post ive had no good comic ideas in ages these just keep getting dumber and dumber lol i really hope i get some fresh ideas for 2016 because my comics have been dull this year but real talk happy new year everyone hope its a good one for all of ya