• all of me •
the fact that there’s that “eddie redmayne hugs things” going around and nobody has photoshopped him hugging napoleon is a fucking crime
All Of Me
John Legend  Love In The Future
John Legend - All Of Me
E não importa quantas vezes eu perder o rumo voltando para casa, no meio de tanto desespero e vontade de chorar por sua culpa, da mesma form...
john legend all of me edwardtheodoregeinn
overk blades of glory me 2 all of u SO CALL ME BACK NOW
I think that leg thing is never going to stop I DONT WANT IT TO FUCKING STOP
I hate seeing people whose style you can only really describe as ‘the look you’re trying to achieve but better than you ever will’ like First of all how dare you
x my heart all of me
me all of the time
love quote music photo Meus música john legend Boyce Avenue all of me
Making a reference, or quoting Disney, and then waiting for people to get it like,
All Of Me
John Legend  Love In The Future
all of me || john legend my head’s under waterbut I’m breathing fineyou’re craz...
All of Me
John Legend  Love In The Future
Cause all of meLoves all of youLove your curves and all your edgesAll your perfe...
What the hell just happened?!?!?! Hussie... are you reviving me or kissing me? And where did this al...
I’m so sick of being sorry, when you never were
me as hell All of garden
beautiful song john legend all of me nonvoglioperdertineoranemai Cause all of me loves all of you
All of Me
John Legend  Love in the Future
250 Days of Music - Day227     'Cause all of me Loves all of you   Love your ...
All of Me
John Legend 
All of Me - John Legend Late night tunes for the deep soul.