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Barney was cool in kindergarden, but now that the kids are in grade school they know that Barney the dinosaur is a heinous traitor and should not be trusted. Except Gamzee. Gamzee still thinks he’s cool.
game of thrones House Stark mine: gif *mine* *500 *request gotedit mine: new because idk gotsansastark gotjonsnow gotaryastark gotbranstark gotrickonstark okay so this took me forever I'm sorry also....I never really do lyrics gifsets because I'm just never sure but I love this song and I wanted to try I decided to do it with the /remaining/ kids I hope you like it! :) (and I'm sorry about the confusion and that this is a new blog I'm a mess)
language learning resource masterpost
website that will teach you spanish, french, italian, german, etc. completely free write a blog in any language and get corrections from native speakers blog that will help you become fluent, quickly language learning resource blog (includes esperanto) free language learning textbooks get ‘let...
Studio Ghibli Masterpost
Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986) : Online (Sub | Dub ) | DownloadGrave of the Fireflies (1988) : Online (Sub | Dub ) | DownloadMy Neighbor Totoro (1988) : Online (Sub | Dub ) | DownloadKiki’s Delivery Service (1989) : Online (Sub | Dub ) | DownloadOnly Yesterday (1991) : Online ( Sub ) | DownloadPor...
Sokka A:TLA my stuff atla katara zuko Avatar: the last airbender iroh azula this took me forever legend of korra the legend of korra ikki lok tenzin ozai avatar: the legend of korra mako Bolin bumi meelo jinora a:lok Kya lokedit I know it's nothing special BUT I REALLY KINDA WANTED CELEBRATE THE SIBLINGS RELATIONSHIPS OF THIS SHOW ALSO I'M SO SORRY BABY ROHAN ISN'T THERE technical problem i'm gonna shut it now
You Me At Six josh franceschi cold night I'M SO SORRY THIS IS SO SHITTY btu it took so long i have to post this sigh :((((((( not even putting it in my gifs tag oh man
comic atla crossover i made something long post free! nanase haruka This took me FOREVER to finish that swimming anime my attempts at drawing in the end i was too lazy for anything more than cell-shading the characters i also don't think it's funny anymore... sorry for failing at drawing you haru haru/water OTP
request *gifs ? lost girl ksenia solo lg gifs kenzi malikov I'm so sorry this took months And also really sorry I can't find the original request anymore If one of you requested this let me know please? I want to do requests again so I'm working on those I still had that are months old really sorry again! tw: eyes
legifs jfc this took me forever and idek if i like it i just know that my head hurts and sigh i'm gonna post it because it took me like i've said before forever titanic.
gifs winona ryder Heathers christian slater tmqm this is for the anon who requested i'm sorry it took me forever :')
my gifs f(x) Anna Kendrick fandom collision gif:fx pitch perfect YESSS also i spread out soojung's part just so it's easier to read LOOL sobs i can't believe this happened i'm crying this took forever also cause ps was lagging gdi gif:w .. for if i gif any western related things LOOL
i’m sorry but every time i see this post i just
* joker mass effect mass effect 3 shoker *me i am a terrible person shame on me *req i do hope you like it virusq I AM SO SORRY THAT THIS IS SO DULL I TIRED xD I seriously took forever to find caps that I thought would work best with your request I was also busy this weekend and yeah here you go as for everyone else I'm slowly getting there I am so sorry that it's taken me so long to fill everyone's requests but hey look at another ME graphic! I miss Mass Effect I wish it all could be new again :3
My art gifset sketchbook wow this took forever Don't hug me I'm scared dhmis don't hug me i'm scared 2 Tony the Talking Clock don't hug me puppet trio don't hug me i'm scared 3 dhmis 3 shrignold
~ spoilers promo 3x09 twd the walking dead walking dead so excited The Suicide King THIS TOOK FOREVER OK AND I'M A BIT LATE I GET IT I'M SORRY
mycreations i'm so sorry after hakosuka did this i just had to it took me a while to refind this gif ok
doctor who supernatural superwho castiel crossover au this took me way too long k's k's:superwho whole christmas break actually I'm sorry for bad coloring I've tried my best also sorry for bad quality of Castiel Supernatural don't have good quality even in 720p and it drives me mad ._.
mystuff game of thrones gif warning gif meme gotedit 5k* gotsansastark alayneestone gotellariasand i'm SO SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER i'm not very good at costume posts i hope this is all right
mine Josh Hutcherson The Kids Are Alright this is an amazing movie if you haven't seen it go watch it this is saved as 'sassyjhutch' also it took forever to get this down to size which is why it looks like shit ok i'm done