• also oh my god i haven't drawn guys in forever •
who has a background in flower arranging taking a break from exam studying!!! doing something early for halloween but it's not really related also oh my god i haven't drawn guys in forever how do I draw male characters!!! but it basically looks like a girl with short hair i need to work on that I really enjoy doing traditional work!!! usually takes much less time and working with only lines is relaxing also for messages asking how I scan my traditional work!!! sweats nervously as I use my phone cam
haven't drawn in forever???? how to art also there was tons of snow today!!! forgets how to color and gives up halfway hope you guys stay warm out there??? bundle up!! also i'm always happy to hear that my artwork helps some of you relax or calm you down! clutches my heart the externship's been really busy??? slept for 12 hours today sighs v deeply still lots of things to do aawawaaa but taking a break!!! right after externship finishes it's straight back to school!! no rest for the wicked i guess it's 3 am!!! gotta sleep night!! or morning only has motivation to draw when there's tons of work also sometimes I consider changing my avatar and theme but then I remember that requires effort
My art Captain America Steve Rogers i just had to bucky barnes The Winter Soldier stucky OH GOD SORRY FOR THE POOR QUALITY I haven't drawn in a long time forgot what all that anatomy thing was supposed to be neverending well of feels I need to watch tws again m still in a fucking glass case of emotion
still not over it kuroko no basuke kise aomine Aokise ieatart wehhh let me burn YOOOOO I HAVEN'T DRAWN THEM IN FOREVER also happy birthday to aomine you dork
1k mine i love you <3 5k 2k 10k oh my god troye sivan troyedit i'm back in business IN MUCH LESS THAN A DAY I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL OVERNIGHT MY PHONE WOULD NOT STOP LIGHTING UP I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH THANK YOU
* A:TLA atla Avatar: the last airbender avatar the last airbender azula a:tla* i haven't giffed a:tla in so long oh my god
loki art tag young avengers i guess???? agent of asgard i haven't drawn in months dont look at me
my dad BUT THEN AGAIN I HAVEN'T ACTUALLY MET MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY my dad's fucking crush on mm you guys don't even know we have all of his movies and my father purchased all of them
klaine kurt hummel My art blaine anderson Glee fanart /O\ posting here bc it's mostly a thank you to you lovely followers :x i haven't drawn anything in so long wow i felt very out of practice doing this /o\ shout out to bowery for being an excellent cheerleader and reassuring me that i hadn't broken my art completely eta: lol i knew i'd mess something up i forgot to sign it damnit oh well lol don't steal it ig
merry christmas you guys!!!! haven't drawn any actual faces in a while forgets how to even but yea!!! happy holidays hrghh I really want to make eggnog this christmas!!! it's really warm on the east coast sighs sadly also really want to see the new star wars!!! maybe this weekend hrmm also recently been playing fallout 4 it's pretty good??? first time playing fallout and it feels like a more modern skyrim zooms away into the sunset!!!!
about me le art like irl i never show my anger but when my motherfucker ps3 freezes after i haven't saved in awhile WELL SHIT GOES DOWN i break out the liquor and rage wow i haven't drawn in ever
frostiron Starki ironfrost zelynxia rubberbandgirlme z:gifs z:frostygifs 'kiss the girl' playing in the distance i bet this isn't what you were expecting but here girl you got that scene in a gif just for itself also the only spoiler i will give you guys from my super secret video project except not really because i used it for a villain!tony gifset before troll!zely oh hell it deserved it anyway oh my god i just noticed the little flame in the background shit got even more romantic aww~
my stuff dangan ronpa Fukawa Touko DR spoilers i haven't drawn in ages i am ashamed
my graphics KHR katekyo hitman reborn wow i haven't done a khr edit in forever
cats kitten game also cats are really hard to draw? like oh my god what is this face but i couldn't not draw art for it so i gave it my BEST SHOT
My art sollux humanstuck it's fUN man i haven't drawn an actual scene in so long.
satsuki x nonon i haven't drawn in forever so i gotta practice wooo night well spent hahaha (or not)
007 Skyfall le art silva ew i haven't drawn in ever and it shows urggg