• although i'm 5000 times more excited for tales from the borderlands •
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* game of thrones asoiaf red wedding got spoilers gotedit i updated this for tdr and figured i would share because TODAY'S THE DAYYYY i don't know if i'm more excited for the show or people's reactions tdr rp
my stuff parks and recreation aubrey plaza april ludgate ben wyatt adam scott parks spoilers otp: gee golly thanks mister i am possibly more excited for ben/april in season five than i am for anything else including ben/leslie I'M SORRY BUT I'M CRYING (can we not with the sibling angle though because lol no) in another universe they've fucked a lot
I'm so excited for the next album
the anticipation is actually killing me.
the hobbit fili kili whateva whateva i havent seen this done before i'm never on so i'm sure it's been done one billion times already more spam for your tracked tags
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homestuck and i guess art or some shit my hand slipped my hand slipped hundreds of times although i did lear a lot about drawing those things from this for example shapes that are not symmetrical look really cool and rounder shapes look better
The Hunger Games katniss everdeen Peeta Mellark thgedit dez I'm so proud of this although idk about the colors
mine horror TALES FROM THE CRYPT the crypt keeper
SHINee's rolling paper
Write what you’ve been annoyed with or had a problem about with this member. If you write praise or “nothing” we’ll assume that you’re awkward with them~ TaeminJonghyun: Taeminnah… Sorry for being mean to you when you wore my hat that one time. But please tell me...
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Hugh Jackman Wolverine empire magazine The Wolverine i'm just really excited ok
* doctor who matt smith i dunno eleventh to me you deserve so much more AaAaAaAAaAaAAa i'm sorry dear i fought with the colorings again and messed up couple times and i really hope i didn't mess this up efouabdzknlx i love you tanja MY WIFEYYY
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