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Appreciation post for Amanda Abbington who has stuck up for Steven Moffat today & has been getting a...
If you signed the card for Caitlin Blackwood, Steven Moffat, and Amanda Abbington, please read this!
It has just come out that the Twitter account so many people thought was run by Caitlin Blackwood was, in fact, run by an imposter. Caitlin’s mother posted this picture on her Twitter account as proof: She also sent me a message asking me to spread the word about this. So please, if you see t...
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Can we please signal boost this for new fans? If you see a picture of Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington’s children on the set of Sherlock PLEASE DO NOT REBLOG IT PLEASE TELL THE PERSON WHO POSTED IT TO TAKE IT DOWN They don’t want pictures of their children on the Internet, did not giv...
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Card project for Steven, Amanda, and Caitlin.
You probably all know by now that Steven Moffat, Amanda Abbington, and Caitlin Blackwood have had to deal with some less-than-pleasant messages (that’s putting it mildly) on Twitter lately. Well, I thought it would be nice if we got together as a fandom to do something nice for them. This isn...
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Andrew [Scott] as well. I adore him. I met him for the first time. I’d been to an audition and I was in Covent Garden and Mark was doing the...
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