• and I must see the sequel •
When you get to the con and see your furry friend again
art vintage featured collage surreal
What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask ...
hell yeah: the sequel
photography poetry feminism gallery rupi kaur
woah omg The Hunger Games THG Catching Fire Mockingjay revolution may the odds be ever in your favor tributes this is real three finger salute it's happening mockigjay part 1
stuff i made i just ferguson how? black lives matter michael brown Lesley McSpadden i don't why i gifed this i just thought above all her voice needed to be heard because she must be in so much pain right now unimaginable pain because this jury has decided that her sons life isn't worth a trial how could they do this to him? to her? my heart breaks for you
Project Runway Sean Kelly
  • My friends(don't have tumblr):have u seen this meme lol, it was on the 'best of tumblr' facebook page, tumblr is so funny
  • Me, a tumblr gremlin:haha yeah lol, think i've seen that one before lol
  • Me (what I really mean):you fools. I am plugged into the mainframe, wired to the primary source. Of course have seen that meme, and all 5000 of it's variants, 3 and a half months ago. I have seen the rise and fall of that meme, the boom and bust, the drama, the pain, the shitposting, oh god, the shitposting. I have seen this meme in it's rawest, freshest, unpasturised, most primal state. Do not insult me with these rank, stale puddles, that sit at the very base of the meme trickle down economy.
Advice for girls: buy skinny jeans in the boy’s section
They’re more comfortable, still form fitting, and best of all: THE POCKETS. THEY HAVE ACTUAL POCKETS.don’t believe me? look:these are boys pants, and they look just as good on me as any other skinny jeans I ownSee that phone? I’m going to put it in the pocket. Must be so small right??Ah yes, girl pa...
Yesterday I saw a photo from the giant forest fire in Washin...
IS THIS REAL LIFE bo id actually rly like to see him live like aside from the joking i rly love Bo
cat dog suicide pet poison Signal Boost Misinformation psa CAPS LOCK
bees photo diary save the bees bee saving tips byron130 year 38
death art self harm cutting stay strong cuts care buildings strangers art project suicide. depression. blithe
team i can’t do math for shit but i can write a 3 page english paper in less than an hour 
my gif gif film disney vintage behind the scenes 1950s animation disney gif Sleeping Beauty gifset marc davis helene stanley life model
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