• and I am voting for •
If any of you are voting for or supporting Mitt Romney today, I want you to go find the nearest woma...
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obama 2012 knope 2012 wish that top obama button said 'my' not 'for' tbh west wing flashbacks
homestuck vriska serket I Drew This i am kind of nervous about posting this for some reason huehuehu v_v hso bloggin'
“Gay and Voting for Mitt Romney”
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Death Cab For Cutie  We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes
Talking how the group had begun to splinter,And I could taste your lipstick on t...
Bless Lil B and keep him safe
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fall out boy hehe
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exo ema voting tutorial hunhan baekyeol kaisoo lmao tagging otps because I want more people to see this WE WILL SEE EXO IN EUROPE AGAIN OKAY AND I WILL CRY AGAIN BUT FUCK I DON'T CARE IF IT'S TOO SOON I WANT THEM TO WIN THIS OKAY
I never want to see another person saying Louis is not dedicated, Louis is not strong, Louis is not brave, Louis doesn’t do things for Harry. Fuck y’all. Louis did this for him. For them. Louis loves Harry with all his heart, Louis adores him, supports him, Louis will always protect him ...
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If God could run out of grace, He would’ve for me by now. And yet every morning I wake up, He says, “There is more, there is still more.”
[ !!!! - Can this tragic year of KPop end with something good? ] - So I heard that B.A.P is up again...
And I just thought I’d remind you that …  You can vote for B.A.P HERE or HERE! Voting stops November 8th.