• and could they have chosen a pic where he more adorable than this? no •
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mygifs Spoiler mygraphics SOBBING hggraphic i just thgedit thgspoilers gr:careers gr:d1 gr:d2 gr:marvel gr:glimmer gr:cato gr:clove thgspoiler because more than all of the other tributes the careers were literally raised for the slaughter the other kids lived in fear of being reaped - the careers KNEW they would eventually end up in the games they were raised to be a competent fighter but they KNEW that only one could win they could count on their own death and they were practically just prepping themselves to give the capitol a better show to watch because trained fighters are more fun to watch than a bunch of innocent kids who have never wielded a weapon before but they were all destined to die anyway - literally raised for the slaughter those poor things imagine being raised in that situation or imagine having a child in one of the career districts you don't live in fear because your kid MIGHT get reaped but because you know your kid WILL get reaped or volunteer eventually because that's what you're supposed to teach them and that's what propaganda has taught them that's what they're supposed to believe and they're just kids so they listen to what they get told from a young age sorry i have a lot of careers feels i'll just leave now
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You’re sitting at your desk, and you know it’s time to go. You’ve said that to ...
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You heard James?” said Lupin, in a strange voice. “Yeah …” Face dry, Harry looked up. “Why–you didn&rsq...
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* Benedict Cumberbatch but yeah asdf gorgeous bastard i actually named this one gorgeousbastard.png at least he looks healthy and well rested i was so worried when he was in the US where he looked so tired and worn out adfhs have a photo i still have no idea how to make those customize photosets jojo out
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So I was bored one day and decided to put several One Direct...
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